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Peaceful Mountain, Inc. was originally founded in Boulder, CO, with the purpose of creating natural remedies that work with the body to restore and maintain balance. The first product developed was Nasal Rescue, an ionic colloidal silver nasal spray that helps support the body. Soon thereafter, other silver remedies followed, as well as a full range of topical musculoskeletal gels. The Peaceful Mountain line was continued with several homeopathic remedies that help support the body during specific ailments such as shingles, eczema, and cold sores.

Peaceful Mountain, Inc. is now part of a family of natural remedy companies located in Woodbine, Iowa, and is proud to be a part of their “Natural Remedies from the Heartland.” These companies are employee-owned and are dedicated to promoting and contributing to the health and well being of people. They truly believe in using ingredients provided by nature to create remedies that resonate with the body’s energies.

One of the sister companies, Liddell Laboratories, Inc., carries a full line of oral spray homeopathic remedies. These sprays work very well in conjunction with Peaceful Mountain’s topical gels.

Peaceful Mountain, Inc., is fully committed to teaching the world about whole health and natural remedies, producing the highest quality herbal and homeopathic remedies, and educating and supporting healthcare companies and customers about alternative and natural products.

We believe that western science and eastern medicine can work together to yield the best of both worlds. We believe in sustainable living, fair pay, and providing a workplace that enables its team. Most of all, we believe in making products that help people to live healthier lives.

Company Vision

  • Profit Build a sustainable company while being mindful of our overall responsibility to society.
  • People Inspire our people to deliver extraordinary results every day and be the best they can be.
  • Partner Build and sustain mutual loyalty of our suppliers, vendors, and customers.
  • Planet Be a responsible citizen of our world and make a difference.